Traveling with Pets

If you are traveling anywhere outside of the state with your pet, you are legally required to have a health certificate for your pet(s) with you. This certificate is signed by the doctor and says that your pet is free of disease. There are two different types of health certificates: Interstate and International.

Interstate Health Certificates

This certificate is for traveling in the continental US. It requires pet to be up to date on rabies vaccine and fecal sample tested to prove no intestinal parasites are present. If you are traveling to one of the US territories (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands), you would need an interstate health certificate. The health certificate is good for 30 days after signing.

International Health Certificates

This certificate is a little more involved than an interstate, since it has to be signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian (Dr. Giuliani) and endorsed by a federal veterinarian. In addition, every country has different forms and requirements. The USDA has a list of the requirements you need by country. Please note that these certificates are time sensitive, and you may be required to mail the certificate to the USDA office in Albany, NY, and there is a fee associated with this process.

  • It is the responsibility of the PET OWNER to research the requirements of the destination country’s consulate regarding necessary vaccinations, internal/external parasite control, microchipping, and any other certification or documentation that may be required.
    • Many of these requirements will necessitate more than one visit with the doctor.
      • If the destination country requires an import permit, please note that you will need a separate appointment and that some lab testing may be necessary and results could take several weeks.

Here is the link to the USDA to search requirements for the country in which you are traveling:

Here is a link with information on endorsing your certificate:

The address and information for where to send the certificate for endorsement can be found here: