Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

When your pet is diagnosed with diabetes, you are given a lot of new information at one time. Dr. Giuliani gives this handout (Click here) to every newly diagnosed patient. It goes over all the basics of having a diabetic pet, including how diabetes effects the body, things to monitor, and important things to look out for.


Whether you have a diabetic dog or cat, there are reputable sites with helpful information, including healthy diets and treats! Any question you think is silly, someone else has asked, and these sites all have FAQ sections to help answer any question you might have.

petdiabetes.com is a quick reference guide to help you find the answers to most diabetes questions you have

felinediabetes.com is a cat specific website on all things diabetes. Find educational information about getting started, monitoring diabetes, dangers to look out for, and the healthiest diets and treats to give

- caninediabetes.org is the dog specific website about diabetes in dogs. Here you'll find information about insulin, recipes for diets and treats, and stories from people with diabetic pets